June 11, 2013

Being smart means being thorough.

It is a challenge to keep dimensional parameters such as diameter, thickness, eccentricity or ovality within specified tolerances at all times and also constantly guarantee physical or electrical parameters such as foaming, capacity, dielectric strength etc., as shown in the production plan. Without comprehensive controls carried out by skilled staff and control and measurement systems, the rapid throughput times typical today may mean that the rate of production failures rises dramatically – in light of currently high commodity market prices a dilemma which may ultimately result in severe consequences for the manufacturer. How is it possible to maintain production at a constant operating cost level without having to make concessions in quality?

We always bear the requirements of the manufacturing industry in mind. As a pioneer in online measurement, we develop measuring and control systems which are used to monitor production during the manufacturing process with precision and enable automatic readjustment. Creative innovation, technological excellence, a commitment to outstanding quality and dedicated service are all inscribed in Zumbach’s DNA. As an innovation leader, Zumbach holds numerous patents. Our findings and developments flow into practical systems and solutions which are robust, require little maintenance, are easy to integrate into existing production processes and display extreme precision

The breadth of devices exploit the advantages of lasers/ optics, ultrasound, X-ray technology, high voltage technology, computer hardware and software. This puts us in a position to apply the most suitable principle for every task and develop new, unique solutions from a huge pool of expertise.


ZUMBACH technology is used successfully in these industries by thousands of customers around the world who rely on the quality and reliability of our instruments and systems:


  • Wire and Cable Industry: for telecommunication wire, data wire, power cable, electronic and control cable, fibre optic cable – on extrusion lines of singles and jackets, CV-lines, rewinding stations and others.
  • Plastics Industry for the extrusion of pipe, tubing, and profiles for plumbing, medical, automotive, and construction products.
  • Rubber Industry for the manufacture of hose and profiles for the automotive industry, hydraulics and construction industry
  • Steel and Metal Industry on hot rolling mills as well as in cold processes for steel and other metals.


Selected Solutions and Systems:


  • Highly accurate diameter measurement with laser (ODAC®)
  • Diameter and ovality measurement with “Multi-Source-Device”-Technology (MSD)
  • Non-contact measurement of coating thickness (UMAC®)
  • Combined eccentricity(concentricity and diameter/ovality measurement plus automatic adherence to minimum wall thickness specifications (ODEX®)
  • X-ray measuring systems for cross-section measurement in CV-lines (RAYEX®)
  • Wall thickness control with automatic optimization of minimum wall thickness (SIGMA EXPERT)
  • Capacitance measurement of the highest accuracy (CAPAC®)
  • Foam/Foam skin CD-control (CELLMASTER®)
  • Integrated measuring/control systems for extrusion (JACKETMASTER)
  • Spark testers meeting all standards (AST, DST) and calibrators
  • Full circumferential detection of surface faults (KW TRIO, SIMAC®)
  • Inductive conductor preheating with temperature control (TEMPMASTER) and reliable control of the conductor temperature (AUTAC)
  • Revolutionary rotating measurement systems for hot and cold rolling and quality control (STEELMASTER SMR)


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