July 14, 2014

BENDCHECK assures Straightness

Absolute straightness is one of the concise quality criteria in the production of round bars and pipes. BENDCHECK – the precision laser measuring system from ZUMBACH monitors bending continuously without missing any sections directly within the production process.

This replaces the ODAC® laser measuring heads used currently to manually spot test with a non-contact online test for bending. Apart from the obvious gain in quality the manufacture also saves considerable time through the use of the online date check.



Customer specific system installation with 3 ODAC 18XY laser measuring heads

What can BENDCHECK do

• Synchronous real time scanning in the production process
• Quality assurance directly after the straightening process
• Direct integration in the production process (customer specific installation)
• No time consuming and laborious checks with manual tools

Measuring Method

The system measures the position and diameter of the product at 3 different locations along its axis. BENDCHECK calculates the deviation of the central measuring head in respect of a virtual straight line projected from the position of the left head to the position of the right head, from the data. This value is either divided by the distance or by the distance squared. The operator can select the preferred formula for the bend calculation. Thanks to this information, the bend of the product is continuously calculated and graphically displayed.

BENDCHECK can be operated in a continuous measuring mode without encoder, or in a triggered mode where the measurement pulse is generated by an encoder along the cutting edge.


The respective data is clearly shown on a display board. Diameter, absolute bend value, bending angle as well as the individual and current measurements of the 3 measuring heads are clearly shown. Additional statistics complement the informative value of the measurement.

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