October 24, 2014

Customers first – Zumbach’s Calibration Service

CUSTOMER satisfaction is Zumbach’s most important aim. Not only is the technology focused to this, but also and above all, the customer service.

In addition to classical service, Zumbach offers customer trainings and calibration and maintenance services if required. With its worldwide service support, customers can choose from a variety of possibilities – no matter in which part of the world the devices are operating

For customers requiring monitoring of measurement equipment to ISO 9001 and other Norms, Zumbach offers a calibration service. This calibration service allows the accuracy verification of the measuring device and provides its corresponding certification and documentation.

Usually, the calibration of a customers’ device is required once per year. This can be realized by use of our own supplied certified calibration standards, or if they do not wish to buy and maintain the calibration equipment themselves, Zumbach can offer an on-site or return to base service realized from any of our company branches around the world.

Zumbach trained engineers are located around the globe and customers can be supported by service specialists in Switzerland or by one of the worldwide offices in their own native language.

Contact details: www.zumbach.com/services/customer-service



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