April 7, 2016

Czech ŽĎAS company relies on ODAC 160 series

Zumbach Electronic AG, Switzerland cooperates for more than 10 years with ŽĎAS, a.s., a leading Czech producer of engineering technology. An important emphasis is currently dedicated on the quality of the produced bars related to defects, material quality, dimensions and straightness.

ŽĎAS, a.s. integrates in their inspection lines devices that allow both, the measurement of geometric dimensions and straightness of the bars. The achieved accuracy is within microns at a maximum line speed of 1.5 m/second. As part of this cooperation, ZUMBACH Electronic AG has participated in projects of inspection lines where laser measuring heads of the ODAC 160 series are used for the non-contact measurement of outside dimensions. These integrated measuring heads provide a reliable and highly precise measurement of diameter, roundness and straightness of the peeled, grinded and bended bars.
ŽĎAS, a.s., in cooperation with Zumbach Electronic AG, achieved significant success in the measurement of dimensions and straightness in Russia, at OEMK in 2010 and in the Czech Republic, at Trinecke Zelezarny in 2014. Based on these valuable references, the cooperation will continue to be expanded.


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