July 10, 2014

Intelligent light section technique measures and monitors complex profiles


Quality has its price, however experience proves it is always worthwhile. Rejects and inferior products reduce the profit margin. In order to roll, draw or extrude steel and metal profiles exactly to the defined measurements, attention must be paid, from the beginning, to assure shape and dimensional accuracy of billets, tubes and profiles.

Deviations of the measurements to the specifications and surface irregularities must be detected at an early stage, without missing any sections and without measurement errors. Using the intelligent online measuring system from Zumbach, steel manufactures are able to continuously measure all the relevant parameters for checking the quality of profiles in real time.

ZUMBACH developed the new model SPS 300-S4 for hot-rolled steel tubes and profiles using the long experience gained with the STEELMASTER and PROFILEMASTER® systems. It unites the latest light section technology with the laser contouring and CCD matrix cameras for completely precise results of measurement.

Note: The product portfolio from Zumbach includes all the profile measuring systems including those for cable, plastic and rubber products. For these applications different models with different measuring fields are available, even for the smallest products such as profiled wires.

PROFILEMASTER® SPS 300-S4 – Very Precise and Application-Oriented

The new PROFILEMASTER® SPS 300-S4 S4 is outstanding in respect of accuracy over a wide measuring spectrum and the freedom linked to the dimensional quality of complex profiles in virtually every form up to 250mm diameter, is automated and measures independently of torsion, it also monitors and documents. The system is also equipped with software tools to measure angles, widths, thickness’s, depressions, separations, diameters or deviations from specifications. The specification data for a profile can be imported directly from the CAD design drawing using a DXF file.

The PROFILEMASTER® SPS 300-S4 stands out from the rest when comparing the performance and the measuring solutions especially in the harsh environmental conditions of up to 1200°C found within the steel industry.


Innovative Zumbach Technology

The product surface is highlighted by 4 line lasers. The respective matrix cameras detect the light lines from an oblique angle at more than 4000 measuring points. A powerful and fast processor collates the detected line segments into a complete, orthogonal section of the product.

The PROFILEMASTER® SPS 300-S4 is also able to detect surface faults, weld seams, holes, convex or concave zones as well as deviations from radii and angle tolerances. Furthermore, a remarkable advantage is provided to the manufacture over competitors who use manual methods to measure hot-rolled profiles.

Data Processing
Product software can be easily read into the system. The measurements via the image processing system with 4 cameras are always accurate and repeatable, within 0.1mm.

All the measuring data is detected, processed, displayed and transferred to a higher level control system via the ETHERNET interface.

Advantages and Main Features at a glance

• 4 cameras to record the profile, without dead zones, up to 250mm
• More than 4000 measuring points
• Measures up to 180 diameters simultaneously
• Highly accurate measurements
• Easy product centring – no measurement errors
• Real time measuring of complex profiles
• Detects process problems at an early stage
• Logging of all production data for QC department
• Networking capability with a higher level system
• Simple cleaning, short maintenance
• No post production manual measurements

• Suitable for harsh mill environments
• Reliable operation at up to 1200°C



Similar Products

The PROFILEMASTER® SPS 800-S8 can be fitted with up to 8 camera modules and be used to measure profiles of hot-rolled billets as well as heavy profiles and pipes. The measuring principle is identical to the image processing of the PROFILEMASTER® SPS 300-S4, however it provides reliable measurements for products with a diameter of up to 600mm.


The PROFILEMASTER® SPS 300-N4 is the perfect system to measure, monitor and document the dimensional quality of round and quadratic billets up to 200mm.


Customer’s Opinion

See the application of a system used by Pietro TBM in Italy.


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