December 7, 2015

Intelligent Power Performance Technology for Energy Cable Jacketing


Cable producers are faced with a series of challenges when they are entrusted with productivity-enhancing measures and stringent quality constraints. Regularly revised standards reduce the accepted manufacturing tolerances continuously. At the same time the requirements of the in-line precision measurements increase constantly during the extrusion process. As if that were not enough, the competition-intense market forces the manufacturer to continuously reduce costs.

How is it possible to configure cable extrusion more economically under these conditions?

With in-line measuring solutions which precisely monitor the individual production steps, increases in productivity are possible especially for complex installation cables or EHV cable components. Even when quality requirements are high.


High-voltage / current, construction and special cables

Let us take communication and data cables as an example. The transmission rate has clearly risen in the past years and the constant increase of participants in the Internet require the compliance to strictly defined specifications such as diameters, concentricity and capacity. Defects in cable coatings and insulation must be reliably detected and eradicated in order to ensure maximum transmission bandwidth later. With in-line FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) it is possible to predict the Structural Return Loss and notify process problems.

The requirements regarding compliance with precision monitoring of production has again risen due to the extremely small cable diameters and high transmission rates required to be produced today.

Strategy: installing intelligent measuring technology and reducing costs

Zumbach bietet exzellente In-Line Messlösungen, damit Sie schnell und günstig Kabel in bester Qualität produzieren. Rechnen Sie damit,

• reducing start-up times to a minimum
• improving quality and documentation
• using less material
• to manage data simply and in a target orientated way

If the extrusion process is to be monitored digitally, the proven ODAC® laser gauges in combination with the USYS data acquisition and processing systems supply precise measurements and control.

The ODAC® can be used as an intelligent measuring head where options are available equipped with serial RS, Profibus DP, Profinet IO, and Ethernet TCP/IP for connection on to higher level systems. Due to latest revisions in design, the sampling rates of the new ODAC® TRIO series have been improved greatly to 4,500/s. Additionally the interface connection is a great deal faster with the new models.

For complex production processes Zumbach has the advantage of being able to offer and combine the best possible measuring technologies (ultrasonics, laser, X-ray scanning and spark testing as example). You decide whether single or process orientated solutions are required.


Communication Cables

Monitoring of all processes and cable types:

• Extrusion of insulation and cable sheaths for round and sector cables
• CV lines, CCV, VCV
• Silane lines
• Rewinding and test lines
• Conductor insulation, solid or foamed
• Jacketing of LAN cables
• Jacketing of telecommunication cables

Complete solutions for complex cable processes

Zumbach measuring and control systems supply important information on conductor, cable diameter, wall thickness, concentricity, capacitance, temperature, surface quality, and defects in the insulation at process critical positions of the production line.

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