December 4, 2015

MKM Mansfelder Kupfer und Messing GmbH tests with the PROFILEMASTER® PMM 30

The PROFILEMASTER® product line for non-contact measuring of profiles using laser technology is finding worldwide increasing interest in the steel and metal industry.
Their image processing system measures each profile and profiled wire with the highest accuracy with up to 8 measuring axes.

Leading manufacturers of profiled wires of copper or other materials, manufactures of profiles of plastics, steel and metals appreciate the flexibility and robustness of PROFILEMASTER®. The quality control system performs excellent services for hot rolling or cold-rolling-processes, in fact everywhere where profiles and cross-sections must be produced with high accuracy.

An example is the German-based company MKM Mansfelder Kupfer und Messing GmbH. Since the beginning of 2014 the company has a PROFILEMASTER PMM 30 in continuous use for the Contirod® process at its Giesswalz wire facility.

Due to the predominat material temperature of 60 °C, the measurement occurs through a 50 mm wide slot which also has an air curtain which was additionally supplied by Zumbach. The copper profiles drawn on the machine lie between 8 and 22 mm. The system delivers approx. 15 complete cross-sectional images to a 19’’ LCD monitor each second.




After running for more than one year MKM can confirm the predicted advantages:

1. Benefit: saving of time and material

The PROFILEMASTER® allows considerably faster start-up of the process (setting rollers). The round form can be quickly realised.
Tighter tolerances can be kept.

2. Reliable and easy to use measuring technology

Geometry faults are displayed as they really are. No mirroring as with shadow measurements. Dimensional deviations when rolling are detected immediately due to the strict measuring process.
MKM concludes that a light section method system is both plausible and extremely stable.

3. Very short return on investment period

Thanks to the saving in materials, the saving of time and the high quality standard through the immediate control of the parameters the investment has already been recovered within a short period by MKM.

4. Excellent advice and service from Zumbach Electronics GmbH

“We would always recommend the PROFILEMASTER® PMM 30 for this application“. This is how our customers react when they have found a suitable solution for efficient and economical production. And that is why our advisers will support you before you decide to invest and our service departments will assist you after implementation.
The various versions of the PROFILEMASTER measuring units ensure coverage of the respective requirements of the manufacturer – with product dimensions from 2 to 600 mm (0.08 to 23.62 inch).

Further information regarding PROFILEMASTER®

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