May 26, 2014

New Sparktester Generation guarantees improved Quality – and brings good Luck!

At the Wire trade fair held in Düsseldorf in early April, all visitors could enter into our daily prize draw to win an iPad Air. Those who had got up to scratch on our new spark tester range had the best chances of success. There was enormous interest shown in the new functions of the direct voltage and high frequency spark testers – making finding the right answers to our questions very easy.



Ronald Oppermann, one of the lucky winners

We warmly congratulate the winners:

Monday:  Peter Mattmann, Schwitzerland

Tuesday: Kees v.d. Doel, Netherlands

Wednesday: Juri Alexander Christen, Schwitzerland

Thursday: Guiseppe Iozzino, Italy

Friday: Ronald Oppermann, Germany

We thank all participants for their intererst in our products.

The Benefits of the New Spark Testers at a Glance

• Best suited for highest capacitive loading capabilities
• Continuous and faultless detection of defects in insulation or sheathing of electric cables
• Detection of defects in the wall thickness at pipes, hoses, corrugated pipes and similar products of made of insulating materials
• Regulated, adjustable output voltage up to 28 kV DC (DST 28A)/ 15 kV AC (AST H 15A)
• Full range of electrodes
• Detection of pinholes and bare patches on cables and tubes with diameters of up to 70 mm (DST 28A); up to 30 mm with AST H 15A
• Compact design
• Designed for a wide range of standards, incl. IEC 62230, UL 1581, UL 2556


Electrode Unit with local                              Electrode Unit DST 28A or AST H15A
operating and Display Unit BAE 2-SP

ASTH15A_DST28A_BAE_280  ASTH15A_DST28A_280



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