October 24, 2014

Offshore – Complex project requirements simplified to individual customer specific solutions

The fact that Zumbach likes to take the perspective of its customer’s needs, reflects through its success stories and project references. Often, companies contact us with inquiries that require a modified approach for the existing production processes. Where others, dismissively raise their hands, our engineers roll up their sleeves and work with high pressure to achieve a flexible and economic measurement solution. Why do we make this effort? Because we develop first for the customer – not an end in itself – and secondly, because often results from challenging requests, bring new improved devices and techniques, which give the whole industry thrust for achievement.


Complex solutions

The automation in industry is unstoppable. Efficiency dominates economic success. Thus, the ongoing focus of Zumbach for the development of complex monitoring and control methods for different production stages is only logical. Especially, when considering already the measurement of eccentricity, wall thickness, surface defects, straightness and much more are asked on a production line.

Let’s take the example of undersea cables. The production contains several individual processes. Complete controls before and after extrusion or profile measurements before and after rolling are essential at highly-priced material costs.


Laser and ultrasound – an intelligent combination

The combination of optical measurements with high-precision laser scanners (ODAC®) and ultrasound (UMAC®) for the detection of wall thickness and other dimensions has proved many times over, when they are linked together over powerful interface and data processing systems, they provide the optimum performance to investment ratio.

Customer groups ideally suited to benefit from this efficient and accurate measurement solution, includes many internationally renowned companies such as the world’s leading manufacturers for offshore wind farms, pipelines, submarine cables, gas and oil pipelines, hydraulic hoses, thermoplastic pipes, electrical / optical and hybrid cables.



Picture:3-axis ODAC® 550 measuring system in an Offshore production line for products up to 540mm OD

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