November 18, 2013

Photon Optronics measures and monitors its production with ODAC® and USYS®


Photon Optronics Doo was established in 2010 and has successfully developed ever since. Photon optronics is a scientific, technological, industrial and innovative company, specialized in fiberoptic technologies and production of fiber optic components for various applications as following.


  • Microchannel plate
  • Fiberoptic faceplate
  • Flexible image and light transmitter
  • Fiberoptic sensors


In order to assure perfect quality of their products, the company are successfully using ZUMBACH measurement and control instruments in their production process.

Photon Optronics use several ODAC® laser diameter measuring headsand USYS® data acquisition, processingand display units in our fibre drawing towers to measure and monitor the produced fibres and control the drawing process.
The ZUMBACH products we have in use are essential for our production and help us increasing our product quality and manufacturing efficiency. The outstanding measurement accuracy and sophisticated controller features allow us to produce our fibres with the best possible quality andprocess stability.

Photon Optronics is very satisfied with the performance of the Zumbach equipment and the aftersales support they  get from ZUMBACH as well.

Photon Optronics_Serbia_Fibre Optics_500

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