March 15, 2013

PROFIBUS DP/ PROFINET IO – the intelligent communication interface



In automated production, flexibility is in high demand. PROFIBUS, the industrial fieldbus standard, covers a wide range of applications for communication between devices of different manufacturers. Thanks to cyclical data exchange and diagnostics, the PROFIBUS interface enables centralised control of production technology along with many standard diagnostics – and all this via a fast connection.

The industrial standard enables joint operation of multiple automation, engineering and visualisation systems on a bus. The exchange of current measuring data serves the monitoring of flexible production lines. Communication via PROFIBUS DP not only significantly improves the workflow between individual production units. It also requires little hardware (one engineering tool for all devices), thus reducing investment and service costs.



PROFINET IO is designed for data exchange between Ethernet-based field devices. PROFINET IO is seen as the direct successor of PROFIBUS. The open Industrial Ethernet standard meets the increasing demands of automation reliably and sustainably with optimum flexibility, efficiency and performance. A device developer can implement Profinet IO with any commercially available Ethernet controller as long as isochronous operation is not required.



• Easy, fast and cost-effective installation
• Engineering cost savings (less hardware) – 1 engineering tool for all devices
• Coupling and uncoupling of sensors during operation – thanks to bus topology
• Investment protection for manufacturer and user afforded by PROFIBUS or PROFINET standard.
• Secure digital transmission technology up to 12 Mbps

Practically all ZUMBACH device families support PROFINET IO and PROFIBUS DP.
New: taking into consideration the compatibility with PROFINET and today’s standards, the communication of the ZUMBACH device families has been fundamentally revised. As a result, it is much easier to integrate ZUMBACH devices.


What’s new?

The firmware and the GSD file has been adapted for PROFIBUS, while for PROFINET a new GSDML file has been developed. This makes the implementation of PROFIBUS and PROFINET easy and practically identical.
• Easy drag-and-drop installation: install device-specific language version of the GSD file (DE, FR; EN), then drag ZUMBACH device to the user interface of the customer.
• Actual value acquisition: Ready for operation with two inputs thanks to device-specific parameters, very easy to add measured quantities/modules

Thus, practically every ZUMBACH device is available for use in PROFIBUS DP structures, either directly or via a PROFIBUS interface. Through the use of an intelligent ZUMBACH protocol, the complete functionality of each ZUMBACH sensor is fully supported from the initialisation and calibration steps all the way to the actual data exchange.










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