March 13, 2013

Rotating High-Tech Gauge STEELMASTER SMR:

The Solution for High Precision Dimension Control and Fault Detection.


A leading maker of high-quality steel bar decided to set up an ambitious inline Q.C. system. The specifications asked to control not only the bar dimensions at very high precision but also to detect relatively small faults in both axial and radial dimensions.

The basic specifications

Bar outside diameter:  20 – 80 mm (.8 – 3.15 in.)
Bar speed:  1.2 – 1.5 m/s (3.9 – 4.9 ft/s)
Measuring distance:  2 mm (.08 in.) or less (in axial direction)
Location:  After eddy current detector
Target:  Diameter/Dimensions to be measured, resp. calculated: Min; Max; Mean; Ovality; Area. Absolute accuracy: for black products better than 0.01mm (.0004 in.); for blank products better than 0.005 mm (.0002 in.)
Faults:  Flat spots or protruding faults with min. axial length of 100 mm (3.9 in.); min. angular coverage = 5 degrees


The Challenge

Conventional gauges based on laser scanning or CCD cameras, could not fulfil all specifications at the same time. They are either too slow in the measurement or do not cover the full product surface or a combination thereof. Gauges with fixed axes are simply “blind” between adjacent axes. Oscillating or conventional rotating gauges are generally too slow to detect short faults reliably.

The Solution – Zumbach’s new, fast rotating STEELMASTER SMR Gauge

This new system is already successfully in use in hot rolling mills for wire rod and bar. This gauge features 2 or 3 laser scanners with up to 6000 calibrated measurements per second. Thanks to a segmented scanning mode, the complete bar surface is scanned for diameters and faults after only 60 angular degrees, resp. in approx. 0.1 seconds. The 3-scanner version with EPM software (Enhanced Profile Measurement) enables also the measurement of polygonal or other shape faults.

The highly developed software shows all results, statistics, etc. on a visual display and on a TCP/IP interface for further processing. Mechanically the gauge features a unique concept with virtually zero maintenance and with a fully contactless transmission of signals and power.

The measuring system meets all expectations of the customer and works to his entire satisfaction. It ensures the tightest tolerance specifications of the product dimensions and detects reliably the relevant faults specified by the customer; if necessary even much smaller faults.


Note: STEELMASTER SMR systems are also successfully be used in hot rolling mills for rod and bar. Corresponding protection devices and cooling circuits make these measurement systems best suitable for applications up to 1200 degrees Centigrade (2192 degrees Fahrenheit).

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