BENDCHECK measures the straightness of round – pipes, bars and rods in real time

December 3, 2015

Whether diameter and ovality of steel rods, bars and pipes are precise, and within the required tolerances can already be measured and monitored during the production process. Measuring solutions integrated in the production line supply all the data necessary for a correct quality check for straightness. Manual checks, complex calibration scenarios and high material losses are a thing of the past. Faulty production can be eliminated directly during ongoing production thanks to the non-contact, high precision ODAC® laser gauges of the BENDCHECK system.


BENDCHECK assures Straightness

July 14, 2014

Absolute straightness is one of the concise quality criteria in the production of round bars and pipes. BENDCHECK – the precision laser measuring system from ZUMBACH monitors bending continuously without missing any sections directly within the production process.