Intelligent Power Performance Technology for Energy Cable Jacketing

December 7, 2015

Cable producers are faced with a series of challenges when they are entrusted with productivity-enhancing measures and stringent quality constraints. Regularly revised standards reduce the accepted manufacturing tolerances continuously. At the same time the requirements of the in-line precision measurements increase constantly during the extrusion process. As if that were not enough, the competition-intense market forces the manufacturer to continuously reduce costs.


In-line measurement of flat profiles and shaped wire

June 11, 2013

Shaped wires are today indispensable in sectors of industry such as aerospace, watch and jewellery making and dentistry; in other words, wherever there is a demand for absolute precision and an extremely long service life. The majority of systems equipped with laser or CCD cameras measure the shadow height of a product. This, however, is subject to heavy fluctuation if the product is not precisely aligned with the laser beam. A 1° angle of twist deviation may already lie outside the permissible tolerance range. So how can perfect production of flat profiles and profile wires be ensured?