Intelligent Power Performance Technology for Energy Cable Jacketing

December 7, 2015

Cable producers are faced with a series of challenges when they are entrusted with productivity-enhancing measures and stringent quality constraints. Regularly revised standards reduce the accepted manufacturing tolerances continuously. At the same time the requirements of the in-line precision measurements increase constantly during the extrusion process. As if that were not enough, the competition-intense market forces the manufacturer to continuously reduce costs.


ODAC® 113TRIO for new heights of success

May 26, 2014

Since we launched the pioneering ODAC® 33TRIO, precise 3-axis measurement of diameter and ovality with Zumbach laser measuring heads has become firmly established in the market. The ODAC® 113TRIO measuring head exclusively expands the 3-axis laser measuring system product range for high-precision in-line and off-line measurement of diameter and ovality.


“We are totally satisfied with the performance of the DVO Profiler*.”

January 31, 2013

Three of the 15 production lines at the New Zealand-based Olex Nexans Company are already working with the oscillating DVO Profiler made by ZUMBACH. Since 2008, the cable producer has been replacing its old systems for controlling sector and round cable diameters with new units that monitor every step of the production process.


Cost reduction opportunities in sector cable production

January 23, 2013

What are the determining factors that sustain the ability of your sector cable production to compete? Read our article to learn more about the importance of measuring systems in cable production.