July 10, 2014

The First PROFILEMASTER® SPS 800-S8 Checks Aviation and Marine Components

In May 2014 the first and largest PROFILEMASTER® SPS 800-S8 measuring system was commissioned into service with the Italian OEM supplier Pietro Rosa TBM.

The company, located in Maniago, enjoys an international reputation for its highly-complex components, which are manufactured ready to install according to customer specifications. Gas turbine vanes and blades and steam turbine blades along with components for the aviation industry are part of the product portfolio.

As a worldwide leading supplier of OEMs to the aerospace, energy producers, oil, gas and marine industries, the highest demands in the field of the quality inspection are clearly embedded into the procedures at Pietro Rosa TBM, a leader of innovation. The company approached Zumbach and was clearly convinced of the capability of the PROFILEMASTER® SPS 800-S8 reference meeting the requirements of monitoring the turbine vanes during the cooling process directly after forging in the ovens. Now the system reads important data during the cooling process of every turbine vane in order to be able to improve the internal process parameters.

The installation became possible due to the cooperative initiative between the Italian University of Padua (specializing in metallurgy, among other things) and the NTB at Buchs in Switzerland (Technical University and specialist for the software algorithms for this system).


Prepressed Product while measuring


Measuring while cooling


3D Model of the prepressed Turbine Vanes


3D Model of the forged Turbine Vanes



















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