October 24, 2014

Total control of inner sheath diameter and more on LAN cables

The Problem

The increasingly tight performance specifications for LAN Category (n) products require that the final sheathing be applied to increasingly stringent quality requirements. Concentricity becomes extremely important – The gripping effect upon the internal bundled cores is a critical issue, which in turn affects the performance of the completed product. To achieve optimum die centring and internal diameter, the manufacturer must be able to very accurately measure concentricity, wall thickness and outer diameter to intern maintain inner product diameter in-line through closed loop control.
Moreover, LAN cables have relatively thin jackets of expensive material where the jacket is loose or has no metallic substructure. Therefore, most thickness/eccentricity measuring devices fail for this cable type.


The solution

A WALLMASTER system from ZUMBACH. An ultrasonic UMAC multi-point eccentricity and wall thickness measurement scanner mounted within the cooling trough provides for a precision concentricity & wall thickness display with repeatability exceeding 0.00008” (0.002 mm)! UMAC Wall thickness & concentricity measurement combined with ODAC two or three axis outside diameter laser scanning, assure the highest quality product.


Advantages with a ZUMBACH system

• Non-contact ultrasonic thickness measurement within the cooling trough
• Fast die centring
• Faster line start-up
• Dramatic raw material savings
• Combined Outer diameter measurement with UMAC Wall thickness allow for precision measurement and closed loop control of inner sheath dimensions
• Statistic QC data of the produced cable


Practical calculation example

Throughput 250 lbs/hour (114 Kg/hour)
Nominal wall thickness 0.015” (0.38mm)
Average reduction 0.0003″ (0.008mm) – 2%
Material Flame retardant PVC
Material cost $ 1.95/lbs. (Euro 3.15/Kg)
Savings $ 1’474 *per week (Euro 1’112 per week)
ROI Less than 6 months


Ultrasonic 6-point scanner with concentric transducer adjustment
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