December 4, 2015

USYS IPCe processor units as a modular version

Zumbach Electronics has developed process monitoring, control and data acquisition systems for the past 58 years. They are well known for their focusing on reliable and maintenance-free systems, the USYS processors are used worldwide for the processing of data.

Experience shows that the USYS series is preferred for the modular approach when a configuration according to customer specifications, support and actualisation is to be simplified.


Reduced financial constraints in investment are achieved for our customers thanks to the new modular extension modules USYS IPC 1e and 2e. The IPCe models, with their powerful, modular and flexible processor system, offer an economical solution for all manufacturing processes in the wire and cable industry, plastics and rubber industry as well as cold-processing in the steel and metal industry.


Flexible, the processors with CPU’s, I/O cards and process-specific intelligence from our extensive software library can be integrated into almost every process and production line (USYS Web Server, USYS Data Log, USYS Report Manager, OPC Server).

Processor and HMI – display units can be installed independently to one another in a suitable location for the line supervisor thanks to the flexibility of the system.

Application software with an embedded system architecture was implemented in order to complete the philosophy of the hardware design.

Modulare USYS IPCe Systeme: links: USYS IC1e, rechts: USYS IPC 2e, oben: 19" Anzeigeeinheit

Modular USYS IPCe systems: Left: USYS IC1e; right USYS IPC 2e, Top: 19“ touch screen

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