January 31, 2013

“We are totally satisfied with the performance of the DVO Profiler*.”

At least three of the many production lines at the New Zealand-based Olex (Nexans) Company are already working with oscillating DVO Profilers* made by ZUMBACH. Since 2008, the cable producer has been replacing its old systems for controlling sector and round cable diameters with new units that monitor every step of the production process.

In 2008, Olex researched the entire market for manufacturers offering measuring instruments that fit the requirements profile for its insulation and cable jacket application lines. After thorough research and consulting, the company commissioned ZUMBACH to install our DVO Profiler* in 2009.

The system includes ODAC® 64XY-JN and ODAC® 64XY-J measuring heads with DVO Profiler* and USYS® 8100 data acquisition, processing and display units.

Three measuring stations are installed on each production line: The first measurement is performed before the extruder to measure the conductor dimensions, the second directly after the extrusion (hot measured values). The measured values allow the calculation and control of the average wall thickness. In order to ensure the cables are supplied in the ordered specifications by the customers, the cables are measured again after the cooling trough allowing thus to calculate and the degree of shrinkage. The immediately available measurement data allows Olex to detect dimensional deviations and respond straight away. Complaints from clients can thus be avoided.

The system is so precise and simple that Olex has purchased further ZUMBACH measuring systems standardizing to this three measurement gauge style solution.

* DVO Profil is sold today under the new designation „DVO 2 Oscillating device”.


Further information

DVW 1 and DVO 2


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